Civil Defence Handbook: no.10



"Advising the Householder on Protection Against Nuclear Attack" Un OVNI de bouquin où on apprend comment se protéger d'une attaque nucléaire

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Publié dans les années 1960 en pleine guerre froide pour expliquer aux honnêtes gens comment se protéger d'une bombe nucléaire, cette petite brochure, rééditée en 2008 dans un joli format cartonné, fascine. Pour les fans d'illustrations vintage et ceux qui veulent se replonger dans l'ambiance. 

24 pages / en anglais

Présentation de l'éditeur. 

In 1963, the Home Office and Central Office of Information distributed this handbook for the civil defence, police and fire services to advise the public on what to do in the event of a nuclear attack. The booklet told people what to do to protect themselves, their family and their home. From how to build an outdoor fall-out shelter and putting together a survival pack to what to do if a warning sounds, this is a terrifying glimpse of life under the threat of nuclear attack. Published to coincide with the V&A's Cold War Modern exhibition, this fully illustrated facsimile is also an excellent example of graphic design and illustration from the period.

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