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Deux livres à petit prix pour tous les amateurs de DIY!

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Cette sélection spéciale à petit prix (- 50%) regroupe deux de nos livres de DIY (en anglais) : de quoi développer votre créativité avec des DIY variés, avec notamment un livre accessible aux enfants.

Contenu :

- 1 exemplaire de Made by Hand de Lena Corwin. Ce très beau livre de DIY vous propose une trentaine de projets autour du tissu (tricot, couture, crochet, etc.) parfois simples, parfois bien plus compliqués (un minimum de connaissances en tricot notamment est le bienvenu pour certains projets). Tout en élégance et en douceur, ce livre vous permettra de réaliser des choses aussi variées que des étoles, des colliers ou des sets de table (pour n'en citer que trois!).

- 1 exemplaire de Side by Side: 20 Collaborative Projects for Crafting with Your Kids, de Tsia Carson. Un sympathique livre de DIY pour enfants ET parents, pour passer de chouettes moments créatifs en famille. 


Présentation de l'éditeur

Made by hand

In 2009, tastemaker and bestselling author Lena Corwin turned the top floor of her Brooklyn brownstone into a studio and began hosting classes for local crafters. In Lena Corwin's Made by Hand, she re-creates and builds upon her popular workshop series in order to reach crafters in Brooklyn and beyond. For this "best of" collection, she has chosen expert teachers and her favorite projects: Jenny Gordy introduces us to knitted socks and elegantly sewn tops and dresses; Cal Patch teaches how to make a modern embroidery sampler as well as a braided rag rug; and Corwin herself presents her favorite screen-printing and stamping techniques. In total, there are 26 lessons/projects, all presented with step-by-step photos and illustrations.

Side by Side: 20 Collaborative Projects for Crafting with Your Kids

Crafting is always more fun and more meaningful when it’s shared with those you love. Discover the joy of working alongside your child while creating arts and crafts that inspire. With these twenty whimsical projects in a variety of mediums, you and your child will find fun ways to work collaboratively and independently—together on the same project, or side by side on related projects. Create Giant Newspaper Snowflakes that take traditional paper snowflakes to magical new levels. Create surprising monoprints that take glitter glue to new heights. Explore the versatility of embroidery with a child-friendly version that uses a leaf as the canvas and a more advanced version that uses a child’s drawing for stitching inspiration. Get out in the garden and plant a Living Willow Teepee that will be a perfect playhouse and retreat for years to come. 

Some of life’s best moments are spent simply doing things in the presence of the ones we love, not necessarily doing the same thing together, but being together and working side by side. The craft projects in this book will help you to create just those moments with your child.

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