Women changing India

Urvashi Butalia et Anita Roy (Eds)



De superbes photographies pour aller à la rencontre des entrepreneures, artistes et militantes qui sont en train de changer le visage de l'Inde. 

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Women changing India est un livre auquel je tiens énormément, pour son très joli projet de présenter une face plus optimiste que d'habitude de l'Inde féminine. De belles photos, des femmes remarquables, et des histoires... Bref, un bel ouvrage photographique!

Présentation de l'éditeur :

The change is widespread and varied, individual and collective and is reflected across the spectrum of women’s lives, whether in politics or in economics, in their daily lives, in business, or the field of work within the home and outside. 
This book attempts to map – in words and photographs – some of the change that is both visible and invisible in the India of today. Six writers from India write the stories that six photographers from the world-renowned Magnum Photos Agency capture. Their beautiful and evocative photographs focus on the world of women working with microcredit, participating in grassroots governance, moving into new jobs, working behind the scenes in the male world of the Mumbai film industry, making their individual contributions in varied fields and imagining a new future for themselves and their sisters.

Published to celebrate 150 years of BNP Paribas in India and to mark the 25th anniversary of the feminist publishing house, Kali for Women/Zubaan, Women Changing India offers a window into the lives of women living in India today and brings to public attention their complex realities and their aspirations for a better world.

Pour découvrir les photos, vous pouvez également consulter les archives de l'agence Magnum

  • Pages : 220 pages
  • Format : 30 x 26,4 cm
  • Langue : Anglais
  • ISBN : 978-8189884970
  • Maison d'édition : Zubaan (19 octobre 2010)
  • 39,00 €

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